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*Be sure to keep your makeup classic. You don't want to look at your wedding pictures 20 years from now and not be able to recognize yourself. Your wedding day is not the time to try a new a new look!

*Bridal makeup is all about flawless skin. If you plan on doing your makeup yourself and you are not used to wearing makeup, it would be a good idea to get a foundation custom blended to match your skin tone and learn to apply it correctly.

*When you are deciding whether or not to hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day, ask yourself a few questions. After you have cried, sweat, kissed and danced the night away, how long will your makeup last? Professional makeup artists that specialize in Bridal Beauty are knowledgeable in special makeup techniques that will create a flawless look that will last all day and into the night!

*When deciding on the perfect wedding day hair design, keep in mind your veil and/or hair piece. If your veil has many layers, will your elaborate design be seen? Do you want your veil or hair piece incorporated into your style or tucked underneath? Are you planning to take your veil off after the ceremony? Are you willing to get your hair cut to get the style you've always dreamed of?

*When you are choosing the color palette for your makeup, be sure to use colors that best suit your natural features. However, keep in mind the colors of your bouquet and bridesmaid's dresses. You want your look to flow harmoniously with the details of your wedding.

*Do not wax your brows, get a facial, do any facial chemical services, or get your hair colored the week of your wedding. If you are desperate to get your brows cleaned up before you walk the isle, use the tweezing method. A brow shaping specialist can perfect your brows, keep them looking natural, and get all of the tiny baby fine hairs gone without damaging your skin.

*If you choose to hire a professional makeup artist/hair stylist for your wedding day, be sure to ask them a few questions before committing. Will the artist come to you on the big day, or do you have to run around town to get to her? Does the artist specialize in Bridal Makeup? What products does he/she use? What techniques does the artist use you ensure that the look will last? Can one artist handle all of the services for my large group or do you send multiple artists? Does the artist have a contract to give me a piece of mind?

*Be sure to wear a button down shirt!

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"Amazing! I never felt or looked so beautiful as I did after working with Erica at KyleLynn. She was always a few minutes early (both for the trial and on wedding day) and very easy to get along with. I paid for my girl's hair & makeup, and while I was able to get a trial run the girls worked with Erica the day of to put a look together. All of them were amazed at how quickly she pulled a look together for them that fit their individual style. She picked beautiful colors for every girl, and not only that, applied it in a way that looked natural for each individual. The application techniques differed per person, and everyone looked their absolute best. I also highly recommend the KyleLynn cosmetic line. Some of my girls have very sensitive skin (to the point where they can't even use some well known hypoallergenic products) but no one had reactions to the KyleLynn products. The products felt good on my skin (I didn't feel like I was wearing a mask) and the makeup stayed put and looked fresh from 4pm until 11pm. My hair looked beautiful too and it stayed in place all day. Keep in mind my wedding was on the beach in Florida's humid April weather! Despite the weather I didn't have fly aways or sagging, and it didn't look like my head was dipped in hair spray. Every girl had a different hairstyle and Erica made them all look naturally beautiful. I am very pleased with the experience, professionalism and the products. If I ever need makeup or hair done for another event I will definitely be calling KyleLynn!"

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